Registration for Furcation 2022 is now closed. Please note that the pre-registration step does not guarantee you a space at Furcation, you will need to join an existing sharing group with spare spaces. Alternatively you may be added to the waiting list for accommodation should any become available due to cancellations. See details on the process below.

Registration Process Explained

Furcation operates a 3-step process

This step involves entering your details into our systems and creating a accommodation sharing group. No payment is required at this stage and you are not yet guaranteed a space. There is no need to panic or rush during pre-registration, there's no advantage to being first. It is worth also deciding on a backup plan for if your party needs to split up to be fully accommodated. Decide who in your group will be the lead for the next step...
With your sharing group poised and ready, accommodation is released for reservation. Units go quickly so for this step your group leader will need to choose a unit that's large enough for your group. Please note there's a finite amount of each unit type. You might have more luck choosing 2x2 bedroom units than a single 4 bedroom unit. If you contact our registration team they will try their best to give you neighbouring units where possible. Your chosen accommodation will now be reserved ready for...
Everyone in your group now needs to submit payment for the selected accommodation. If someone in the group drops out or doesn't make a payment in time the group will need to cover the shortfall or lose their chosen accommodation. Once everyone's paid, you're done! Welcome to Furcation 2022. If you've picked any extra nights, please note the pricing changes depending on how many in your group also pick the extra nights.

Full details on pricing